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Download hot fix for Daylight light savings.

Islamic Diary 4.0

The fourth version of Islamic Diary is available for you to download absolutely FREE. Please use it yourself and give it to other momineen

New Features in Version 4.0:

Custom Schedule Islamic Diary 4.0 can do a lot more than just playing Azaan at the specified time. Now you can create a custom schedule to suit your need. The schedule can be tuned not only for different times in a day but also for different Islamic dates. For example, if you wish to play a Naa't 20 minutes after the Zohar prayer only during the month of Ramadan, you can do that.
Internet Support Islamic Diary 4.0 can now play more than just a wave files. Now you can play Real Audio file, Video files or can even run an external program. The most important format is Real Audio. These real audio files can either be on your machine or out on the Internet. In order to use files over the net, it is recommended that you have a permanent connection for example a cable modem rather than a dial-up connection.
Daylight Savings Islamic Diary 4.0 now automatically updates the Daylight savings information. It read this information now from the settings specified by the operating system.


Other Features:

New and improved user interface Islamic Diary 4.0 is designed from ground up. It is based on Windows 95/NT and therefore, uses lots of features that come along with the operating system. Navigation is much easier and faster and all the modules are tightly integrated with each other. 
Hijri Calendar Islamic Diary 4.0 displays a perpetual calendar for both Hijri and Gregorian dates. You have the option of making either date as the primary date and view the other as a secondary. Both calendar have their own list of event that can be modified by the user. 
Salaat Timings Salaat timings for more than 100 location around the world are calculated dynamically. Besides viewing and printing, you can also export the data to a text file and then use it in a spread sheet or word processor. 
Azaan Recitation Recitation of Azaan at its appropriate time. Currently more than 100 cities all over the world are included. Unlimited number of locations can be added provided you know the longitude, latitude and the time zone.
Qibla Direction Qibla direction with respect to the current location is also calculated and displayed in a graphical way. 
Events Customized events, both Hijri and Gregorian, gets printed along with the calendar. These events can be update by the user.
Wallpaper Beautiful images are included that you can put on the Windows wallpaper. Keep checking this web page for more images in the future. 
ToDo List To Do List is a new feature introduced in version 3.0. Now you can keep track of you tasks according to Hijri dates. The program will automatically notify you when a task is due or if it gets late. Moreover you can associate different priority levels to these tasks.
Contacts Included is a contact list where you can store important phone numbers and addresses. Birthdays and anniversaries can be recorded according to the Hijri calendar.



Islamic Diary API:

If you are a developer and would like to implement the same functionality in your application, download the API. It is FREE and easy to use. You must be an experienced programmer and familiarity with using COM object is helpful. The API comes with a sample program written in Visual Basic 5.0. Click here for more details

The opening web page on this site that displays salaat timings uses the same API.


Documentation and support:

In order to use all the features that come with this new version, you will need to tweak the program so that it fits best to your need. I have written a detailed document that describe how use these features. Please click here to go to that document.


Instructions for downloading:
Note: All these files were last updated on March 12, 2007

  • Download the installer in a temp folder on your machine
  • Double click the downloaded file to install
  • Once the installation is complete read the documentation to configure Islamic Diary for your location.

Click here


In 2007 the US government decided to extend the daylight savings period to save millions at the cost of billions. This update is my contribution towards that dollar amount. You need this update if you live in the US.


  • Terminate Azaan and Islamic Diary if they are running
  • Download the update file in a temporary folder
  • This is a zipped file. Extract the contents (Azaan.exe, Idiary.exe and Indus32.dll) files to the c:\Islamic folder.
  • Restart Azaan
Click here


Starting from Islamic Diary 4.0, you can play Real Audio files. These files can either be on your hard drive or out on the internet. Please read the documentation on how to play file over the Internet. You can download some Real Audio file from this site. Save them on your hard drive, preferably on the same directory where Islamic Diary is.

Since these are Real Audio files, your browser may start playing them instead of downloading it. Click the right mouse button and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" from the popup menu and then select the directory where you wish to download.


Sana. This file should be played during the Sehri time either in Rajab or Ramadan. Thanks to Sheikh Sabbir Saifee for providing this file. Click here
Another Sana. Recited by the Jamali Party of Karachi in Al-Masjid-ul-Saifi in Mumbai during the Tashreef Aavri of Moula TUS. Many thanks to Bhai Juzer Yamani for sending this file to me. Click here



Here is a list of common problems that users have faced.

  1. Azaan plays 1 hours before or after the scheduled time. NOTE: This problems is handled automatically in version 4.0. However, if you are still using 3.0, you need to turn the Daylight savings off or on. If you think the directions are difficult to follow, download this program and run it. It will fix the daylight savings
  2. You have to resize the screen after starting Islamic Dairy. Some of the columns in the calendar grid are not displayed properly. You need to change your Windows Fonts.
  3. Islamic Diary cannot find INDUS32.DLL



Please click here to see how to calculate salaat timing. For an explanation in English, please go to Bhai  Aziz H. Poonawala web site.